What county is Greenwood, Mississippi located in?

Answer Greenwood is located in Leflore County. The city is the county seat and resides at 33.516 N latitude and -90.1709 W longitude. The cities elevation is 131 feet. Greenwood is located on the Yazoo an... Read More »

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Why was stokely Carmichael arrested in greenwood , mississppi?

In order to find out who Stokely Carmichael was, I had to Google, which is what you need to do to get the answer to your question.

How to File for Divorce in Greenwood County, Kansas?

Filing for divorce in the state of Kansas does not require a lawyer or long wait times while your divorce papers and forms are being drafted. If eligible, you can prepare all of the necessary docum... Read More »

Any food delivery services in Greenwood IN besides pizza?

go to i did and i found a ton of places i didn't even know existed

Does the greyhound travel to greenwood, south carolina?

There is a Greyhound bus station located in Greenwood, South Carolina, but Greyhound's website does not list this information. According to Discover Our Town, passenger service to and from Greenwoo... Read More »