Does the parent cell contain the diploid number or haploid number of chromosomes?

Answer Parent cells, also known as sex cells, which are the sperm or the egg that contribute to the creation of the offspring, contain a haploid number of chromosomes. Because the offspring receives two s... Read More »

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How to Plan a 75th Birthday Party for a Parent?

Planning a birthday party for someone important in your life, at any age, can be a daunting task, but it's been done, so who's to say that you can't do it too?

Is the noncustodial parent required to take all children included in the parenting plan?

if you have a job a form of transpirtation to ur job and a place to stay you can move out at 16

In the state of Ohio does a child have to live with a parent 50 percent of the time in order for that parent to be considered a Residential Parent?

Answer I live in Ohio and I do believe the child in question must live with the parent MORE than 50% of the year for that particular parent to be "the Residential Parent". In my case, it was descr... Read More »

Can a court issue custody to a parent without the other parent knowing when the other parent is paying child support?

Answer No, both biological parents must be notified of a custody hearing. However, if the parent who the child does not reside with does not appear in court on the date of the hearing they may lose... Read More »