In what part of Washington was Nordstrom founded?

Answer Nordstrom was founded in downtown Seattle in 1901, according to the retailer's Web site. It was originally named Wallin & Nordstrom, after its founders, Carl Wallin and John W. Nordstrom. In 1928, ... Read More »

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What font does Nordstrom use in their advertising?

The department store Nordstrom uses a custom font that was designed specifically for the company. If you are looking for a similar style, the fonts most like the Nordstrom font include Optima and F... Read More »

What is the average wage when you work for Nordstrom?

According to The PayScale Report as of June 2010, employees at Nordstrom start with a median salary of $9.88 an hour. Those with one to four years of experience get $12.07, while those with five to... Read More »

Who is the CEO of Nordstrom?

Blake W. Nordstrom is the top executive for Nordstrom, a department store chain headquartered in Seattle, Washington. His actual title is president, however, as no one has held the official title o... Read More »

How Can I Contact Nordstrom?

Whether you want to call in to let corporate know about an especially helpful retail associate, or you have a complaint against store policy, calling the Nordstrom owners can be done easily when yo... Read More »