What does Home Depot sell?

Answer They are a huge hardware and building store. They sell garden supplies and plants as well as wood and every thing in between. My problem with them is I never seem to be able to get someone to help ... Read More »

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What does Home Depot pay for wages?

Home Depot wages depend on an employee's position, states The PayScale Report. As of May 2010, retail sales associates make $11.94 per hour, retail cashiers earn $9.20, department managers at the s... Read More »

What does GOP at Home Depot mean?

Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus referred to the GOP, or Republican party, in a conference call on Nov. 18, 2008. According to, he said, "If a retailer has not gotten involved wi... Read More »

What time does home depot close?

How to Start a Home Business in Spokane, Washington?

The City of Spokane (WA) Taxes and Licenses Division processes applications for business licenses, payments, home occupation permits and certain special license applications. Chapter 8 of the City ... Read More »