What do you do if your classic car is worth more than you would be reimbursed on a standard policy and you do not qualify for classic car insurance?

Answer AnswerThere are insurance companies that cover Classic cars, and usually runs about $80.00 per $5000.00 of coverage. I have a 49 Chevy pickup I am fixing up and have it presently covered for 5000.0... Read More »

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When will figure skating TV be available Having withdrawals no figure skating TV available by direct tv in Bend Oregon help help help?

What is an artificial ice skating rink's surface made of?

While the first artificial ice skating rinks coated plastic with silicone, contemporary synthetic surfaces use plastic polymer technology. When skate blades heat the surface, the polymer melts, rel... Read More »

What are some figure skating movies on abc family?

The cutting edge the cutting edge 2: going for the goldthe cutting edge 3: chasing the dreamthe cutting edge 4: fire and iceGo FigureIce princess is another but i'm not sure if it came on abc famil... Read More »

What kind of clothing do people wear in speed skating?

According to, experienced speed skaters usually wear Lycra or spandex skin suits for competitions and long-sleeved t-shirts in practice. These suits offer aerodynamics as well as... Read More »