Circuit City scammed me, what can I do?

Answer You can't get something unless you ask for it. Go into the Circuit City where you bought the TV, with the receipt in hand, and tell them at the customer service desk that you want a credit for the... Read More »

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My TV from Circuit City broke! What do I do?

You will have to go through the manufacturer for warranty repairs. Better hope they can find the receipt! Also, if they purchased an extended warranty, that is done through a different company th... Read More »

What shipping company does circuit city use?

According to Circuit City, orders are shipped from Naperville, Illinois, using United Parcel Service. Shipping options include Ground, Second Day Ground and Next Day Air. Trucks deliver certain ove... Read More »

What company holds the circuit city credit cards?

The issuer of the Circuit City credit card was Chase Bank. When Circuit City filed for bankruptcy and terminated its credit card rewards program, Chase folded those accounts into the Best Buy progr... Read More »

Circuit City rip-off?

It could take up to 3 months..If it is a Circuit City rebate you can call your local CC and ask for the rebate center's number and you can call that number and ask any questions you have.