How to Change Amtrak Reservations?

Answer Sometimes when you make travel plans, you can encounter an unexpected emergency or simply change your mind about when you want to travel. If you are traveling with Amtrak, you can change your exist... Read More »

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How to Make Amtrak Reservations?

With gas prices making car travel more expensive, and enhanced security measures and additional fees causing people to think twice about flying, train travel is an ideal option for many. Outside of... Read More »

What is the toll free phone number for Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express reservations?

A toll free phone number for Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express reservations is 877-620-9860.

What is the job description for an airline reservations agent?

Individuals who enjoy working in customer service over the phone and have an interest in travel may want to work as an airline reservation agent.DescriptionAn airline reservation agent works in a c... Read More »

What is the origin of the Open Skies reservations system?

Open Skies, Inc. first produced the technology used for the Open Skies reservation system. Hewlett Packard purchased Open Skies, Inc. on Oct 30, 1998, and sold the company to PRA Solutions in 2001.... Read More »