What is the number 925 for gold?

Answer Internationally, the .925 mark on a piece of jewelry means sterling silver. This means it consists of 92.5 percent silver with another alloy metal (usually copper) in it for strength and hardening.... Read More »

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What is the number of protons in gold?

The atomic number of gold, or Au, is 79. This means that there are 79 protons in gold. Elemental gold has 118 neutrons, and an atomic weight of about 197.References:Los Alamos National Laboratory: ... Read More »

What happens to the gold in the stomach when we eat Gold Dosa, the recent novelty of Dosa wrapped in gold foil?

Nothing happens. The gold used is incredably thin and has very little strength so the gold is broken into tiny fragments during chewing and digestion. If the gold is 18 to 24 carot then it will not... Read More »

In what year did they stop making the Olympic gold medals out of pure gold?

According to, the final medals made entirely of gold were presented in 1912. Gold medals of today are 92.5 percent silver with an accompaniment of gold plating. Medals from the 2010 W... Read More »

What is the difference between gold filled&gold plated?

Gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry have much in common - they give the appearance of gold at a fraction of the price, are available in a range of jewelry items and are readily available. The diff... Read More »