What is the normal weight for a female dalmatian?

Answer A normal or average weight for a female dalmatian is between 45 and 70 lbs. They range in height from 19 to 24 inches. According to the Dalmatian Club of America, if you are considering breeding da... Read More »

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What are the normal measurements for a female who is 5'6"?

There are no "normals" just common measurements based on averages taken by people who we can't trust with statistics. Be healthy.

Is 130 pounds a normal weight for a 5' 3 12-year-old girl and how can you lose weight fast?

130 lbs is perfectly normal. You will stretch out over the years. I was 200 lbs and 5'3 in Dec. of '94 when I was 12. Because of problems caused by the obesity, I walked 4 out of 7 days and ate rig... Read More »

I am 53 female what is the normal sugar count for my age thank you?

The correct response, my friend, depends on when during the day you test your blood sugar (glucose) level.A fasting (after not eating overnight) blood sugar level for a non-diabetic would normally ... Read More »

What is a normal pulse rate for an adult female?

A healthy female adult's pulse will generally be somewhere between 60 and 100 beats per minutes. Take this measurement at a resting state, as exercise and physical exertion can increase your pulse ... Read More »