What is the normal times a girl can organsm in one night?

Answer It is different for everyone

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Is it normal to wake up at least 3 times to pee at night?

Do you drink tons before bed? I do cause its so hot i've been guzzling water and I got up about 5 times last night o.O

At seven weeks of pregnancy is it normal to be woken up several times a night to urinate?

Answer Absolutely. Because the uterus is growing in the same space the bladder usually occupies the bladder cannot fill as full. If i hurts however you may have a urine infection, also very comm... Read More »

What Are the Normal hCG Doubling Times in Early Pregnancy?

Doctors sometimes check the hCG doubling times for patients worried about miscarriage symptoms, such as bleeding during pregnancy in the early weeks. If the hCG doubles every two to three days, tha... Read More »

Is it normal to jerk0ff 20 times a day?

Yes. Well, it depends if you are hydrating yourself throughout the day.