What is the normal times a girl can organsm in one night?

Answer It is different for everyone

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Is it normal to wake up at least 3 times to pee at night?

Do you drink tons before bed? I do cause its so hot i've been guzzling water and I got up about 5 times last night o.O

At seven weeks of pregnancy is it normal to be woken up several times a night to urinate?

Answer Absolutely. Because the uterus is growing in the same space the bladder usually occupies the bladder cannot fill as full. If i hurts however you may have a urine infection, also very comm... Read More »

Is it normal to jerk0ff 20 times a day?

Yes. Well, it depends if you are hydrating yourself throughout the day.

I masturbate more than 10 times a day...Is this normal, or do I have a problem?

no there's nuffin wrong get yo batetion on just don't hurt ya self