What is the normal respiration rate for an infant?

Answer I'd recommend talking with your doctor before giving an infant any kind of medication as they can easily be given too much.

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What is normal respiration rate for an 18 month old child?

The normal rate of respirations for an 18 month old child is 20 - 40 respirations per minute.

What is respiration rate?

Respiration is the number of times you take a breath every minute. This is measured by counting every inhalation while the patient is at rest. Fifteen to 20 breaths per minute is normal for an adu... Read More »

What is the respiration rate of a goldfish?

The average rate of goldfish respiration is about 66 respirations per minute. This rate will increase or decrease depending on variables such as the size of the goldfish, activity level, water temp... Read More »

How to Measure a Dog's Respiration Rate?

Does your dog tend to become overworked and seems a bit sluggish? You probably don't know that you can also measure their respiration rate, just as well as you could for a human. You'll find the pr... Read More »