What is the normal range for testerone?

Answer The normal range for testosterone in males is 350-1200ng/dl, with the average currently being around 400-450ng/dl. For women, a normal testosterone range is 6ng/dl to 86ng/dl, with a number less th... Read More »

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What will be the actual range of cholesterol that it called as normal range?

* Total Cholesterol: Normal level-- less than 200 mg/dL.(Desirable level corresponding to lower risk for heart disease).* HDL cholesterol< 40 mg/dL for men, < 50 mg/dL for women (Low HDL cholestero... Read More »

What is the normal A1c range?

A1c, also known as HbA1c, is a test that can be used either to help diagnose diabetes as well as tracking how well diabetes is controlled over a number of months, according to Medline Plus.Non-Diab... Read More »

What is the normal range for a cbc test?

A CBC test is also known as a Complete Blood Count. It is a measurement of both red and white blood cells in an individual, as well as other components of blood chemistry. Examples include hemogl... Read More »

What Is the Normal Range for RA Factor?

Faced with a patient exhibiting the common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), such as joint pain, stiffness or swelling, a doctor may order a rheumatoid factor test to determine the levels of R... Read More »