Normal blood pressure and blood sugar but diabetes symptoms?

Answer sometimes diabetes has no any symptoms and it is also a hereditary disease.....not only over weighted person affects diabetes there is also chance for thin person...some diabetes related symptoms a... Read More »

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What is the normal blood pressure of a normal healthy man?

There is no such thing as "Normal", because, exactly as we are variously dark-haired or blond, hairy, spotty, tall, short, intelligent or stupid, -everyone is unique. The concept that there is an... Read More »

What is normal blood pH?

Normal arterial blood pH is 7.40, with a range of about 7.36-7.44. Blood pH depends on carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration and bicarbonate (HCO3) concentration. Because there is more CO2 in venous... Read More »

What is normal blood pressure.?

New Guidelines released by the AHA state that now, Normal blood pressure is below 120/80, now it is preferebly 110/70

Is it normal to have low blood pressure!?

No, it isn't "normal". If it was normal, they wouldn't call it "low" would they??? And 75/55 sounds low to me although I am definately NOT a doctor.You need to see a medical professional and get so... Read More »