What is the normal pH level of salt water?

Answer The ocean is typically anywhere between 7.6 and 8.4 on the pH scale. Salt water aquariums can also be anywhere in this range, unless they are reef tanks, which require a pH of anywhere between 8.0 ... Read More »

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Will the level of salt in a salt water pool harm birds and other animals that drink from it?

Answer No, animals will not be harmed by drinking water treated by a salt sanitization system.The amount of salt in a saltwater treated pool is very low (around 0.5%, which is one-half of one-perce... Read More »

What is the normal ph level of water?

The term pH refers to how acidic or alkaline something is. Measured from 0 to 14, a pH of below 7 means something is acidic, 7 is neutral and above 7 is alkaline. The average pH of U.S. water sourc... Read More »

Can ingesting too much saltwater from a salt water pool cause chronic diarrhea and eczema even though all stool samples have come back normal?

Yes, but it will have absolutely nothing to do with the salt and all to do with what else is in the water.

Why does the spa water lower when the pool pump turns off and why does the spa water level go down while using the spa if the spa water is approximately 16 inches above pool water level?

Answer The check valve between the spa and the pool is defective.