What is the normal height of a piano keyboard?

Answer The standard height of a piano's keyboard is 28 and a half inches from the ground. Electric piano stands are generally made to imitate this height; if it varies, pianists must use a different appro... Read More »

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Who invented the piano keyboard?

The inventor of the piano was Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731), an Italian maker of musical instruments. The first "pianoforte" (which means "soft-loud" because pianos unlike earlier keyboard inst... Read More »

How many keys are in a piano keyboard?

Electric pianos typically have 49 keys, while full-size piano keyboards have 88 keys. The keys play 12 different notes at different pitches or octaves. The lowest and highest keys on both electric ... Read More »

How to Make Your Keyboard Like a Piano?

For a fun way to make music on the Internet, try visiting websites that turn your computer keyboard into a piano. Using midi piano sounds and Flash animation, these websites enable you to play a vi... Read More »

How to Learn the Piano Keyboard?

Learning the piano keyboard takes time. Simply looking at the instrument and memorizing where each key is located is not enough. Playing the piano helps to apply what you have learned and furthers ... Read More »