What is the normal height of a piano keyboard?

Answer The standard height of a piano's keyboard is 28 and a half inches from the ground. Electric piano stands are generally made to imitate this height; if it varies, pianists must use a different appro... Read More »

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What is the actual size of a piano keyboard?

The standard piano keyboard's dimensions measure an average of 6.5 inches between octaves, the eight notes of a musical scale. The total width of a conventional keyboard averages a little over 48 i... Read More »

What is a wind instrument with a piano-style keyboard?

A pipe organ is a wind instrument with a piano-style keyboard. It comprises vertical pipes producing musical tones due to the movement of air through them. The air supply into the pipes is regulate... Read More »

What are the kind of headphones that plug into a (piano) keyboard?

well the head phones are like all other headphones the only difference being the connecting pin what u need to do is look in Ur keyboard manual it will have specifications for the connecting pin .... Read More »

What are the notes for Blue Suede Shoes on the keyboard or piano! Please help ASAP!!?

First of all, PLEASE abandon those dreadful letter/number note thingies right away and learn to read sheet music properly already from the start. Letters NEVER tell you which C to press, they NEVER... Read More »