What is the normal heart rate for an 8-week-old fetus?

Answer Answer Between 120 and 160. Once it starts beating it stays the same until birth. It is not regular like an adults heart, it is supposed to vary.

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What is the normal heart rate of a fetus?

A normal fetal heart rate ranges from 110 to 180 beats per minute. This variable rate increases until the nine-to-10-week point, when it decreases. By full term, the average fetal heart rate drops ... Read More »

What is the normal heart rate for human fetus?

The normal heart rate for a fetus is 120 to 160 beats per minute

What is a normal weight for a 33-week human fetus?

According to the website WebMD, the average fetal weight at 33 weeks of gestation is 4.4 pounds. The fetus is getting taller as well, as at 33 weeks, the average length is 19.4 inches.Source:WebMD:... Read More »

What are the risks when the fetus isn't growing at a normal rate?

Answer It means you are going to have a small baby with the attendant problems. However, even if they think the baby is not growing proeprly that may be wrong.I had twins and was induced at 36 we... Read More »