What is the normal does of ampicilin given to a newborn infant?

Answer Mostly 125 mg twice a day thru IV or IM.

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What does it mean if newborn infant urine is orange tinged?

Dark urine can indicate a number of things, from anything like dehydration to hepatitis to bladder infection to worse. I would start by giving the baby plenty of water to drink and see if that help... Read More »

What are the survival odds of an infant born with haemolytic disease of the newborn between twenty seven and thirty weeks?

If you're a woman:To find out the time of month when you're most fertile there are tests that works much like the OTC pregnancy tests. To find out if you're fertile at all you need a thorough medic... Read More »

Is it normal for a newborn not to cry?

it is not normal for a newborn not to cry your newborn really needs to cry as soon as it is born

Is hiccuping normal to a newborn?

Hiccup is usually normal in newborn babies. ANSWER Hiccuping is VERY common in newborns and is not harmful. Sometimes gently rubbing the neck area from the chin to the sternum (up & down, not side ... Read More »