What is the normal Urine output of a 3 year old boy?

Answer 2ml/kg/hr

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How much urine should a 6 year old boys normal bladder hold?

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How much is the average daily urine output for children?

I'd recommend talking with your doctor before giving an infant any kind of medication as they can easily be given too much.

Effects of Cranberry Juice Consumption on Urine Output?

What you eat often affects how you feel and how your body functions, this we all know. In general, healthy eating will keep you fit and looking good, while eating junk food will produce the opposit... Read More »

What is a normal urine look like?

Answer: Pale yellow color The three main causes of abnormal urine color are: *The types of food you have eaten * Health concerns *Drugs you have takenTypical causes for dark-yellow urine- Usuall... Read More »