What is the node on the pot plant?

Answer The easiest way to describe the "node" is the swollen portion on the plant stem. There are a number of these that run down the length of the stem between the "narrow parts". The nodes are points al... Read More »

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What is the meaning of an ASC node?

In astrology, the ascendant (ASC) or north node represents goals and ambitions in your life that you haven't yet achieved. The ascendant node outlines your future or the path in life you should be ... Read More »

What Is a SOAP Node?

A Web service is a software system that allows machine-to-machine interactions within a network. The service typically uses XML language as a program source to develop protocols necessary for netw... Read More »

What is a sibling node?

Answer I had a positive fetal fibronectin at 32 weeks. What the doctors told me is that this test is much more helpful if the result is negative. If it comes back negative, there is like a 95% cha... Read More »

In C, what does "typedef struct node *avInode;" mean?

> In C, what does "typedef struct node *avInode;" mean?It defines avlnode as a typedef name which is synonymous with the type 'struct node *'.> Does it mean that avlnode is keyword/short-form for s... Read More »