Whats the nicest car in the world?

Answer Well The Nicest Cars Are :Bugatti Veyron ( Cool ..)Aston Martin DB7 (Amazing )Bentley (Just Great )Mercedes Benz (Wonderful ) ....Thanks For Asking .. Nice Question

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What flower has the nicest scent?

Various roses and jasmine. Grow lavender and when touched you have the lavender smell. Lemon geraniums also when brushed release a pleasant smell. I don't know if it would grow in the UK but ther... Read More »

What colour eyes are nicest?

What country has the nicest food?

that depends where you are from, i would say Ireland, because that is where i am

What is the nicest plant or tree to grow hydroponically in the UK?

Best is cannabis with the help of LED grow lights. You can visit to know more details.