Whats the nicest car in the world?

Answer Well The Nicest Cars Are :Bugatti Veyron ( Cool ..)Aston Martin DB7 (Amazing )Bentley (Just Great )Mercedes Benz (Wonderful ) ....Thanks For Asking .. Nice Question

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Who is or was the nicest celeb?

I hardly know where to begin! In reality, so many celebrities are very nice individuals but their good deeds and kindness are overshadowed by the medias' focus on celebrities that are unfriendly an... Read More »

What country has the nicest food?

that depends where you are from, i would say Ireland, because that is where i am

Which celebrity has been the nicest/rudest to you?

Never had any interaction with a celebrity, and couldn't care less if I ever do.

Which of these 2 Prom Dress is nicest?

The pink one is beautiful, I think the white is a little too sophisticated, but thats just me. Good choice on returning the other one, you would rather stand out than fit with the crowd, I'm guessi... Read More »