Did Robin Williams guest star on Friends?

Answer no edit: yes he made a cameo appearance in the beginning of an episode.

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Movies That Robin Williams Has Been in?

Robin Williams has acted in more than 60 movies, ranging from zany comedies to darkly brooding dramas. He was nominated for Academy Awards three times for his roles in "Good Morning Vietnam" (1987)... Read More »

Isn't there a Robin Williams movie where he has a son he never knew about and his son is jungle like?

Sounds like jungle 2 jungle but that doesnt have robin williams

Are they going to do the game show called who wants to be the next Disney channel star?

NO, i am sure they're not because iam a huge Disney channel fan and there blogs would've atleast said something about it. but maybe they would like in the very near futur (2012?)but if u were tryin... Read More »

What did my friend mean when she said "You have a movie star nose." What do movie star noses look like?

I think she meant, your nose is perfect. Because actresses (movie stars) are perfect, perfect hair, nose, eyes, lips. :)