How to Upload an Xbox Game to an Xbox 360 Console?

Answer Uploading a game to your Xbox 360 consol is a good idea for several reasons. First, it allows you to keep playing the game even if the disk gets scratched or damaged. Second, loading the game onto ... Read More »

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Do Xbox games work on an Xbox 360 console?

The Xbox 360 console has a feature called backward compatibility that allows gamers to play some original Xbox games on the 360. However, not every game for the original Xbox works on the Xbox 360.... Read More »

Can you play xbox 360 games on an xbox console?

You cannot play Xbox 360 games on the original Xbox gaming console. The games are not designed to be playable on the original console. On the other hand, there are several original Xbox games that ... Read More »

How many games can an Xbox 360 Arcade console hold?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Arcade model video game system does not come with any external storage device, hard drive or memory unit. It only has 256 MB of internal memory, best reserved for saving played... Read More »

Under what conditions will Xbox replace or exchange a console?

IF your xbox is less than a year old, it covers broken hard drives, broken disk drives, Red ring of death, or if your system becomes bricked. If its older than 1 year but younger than 3 years, they... Read More »