What is the newest style of wedding photography?

Answer The latest style is a combination of photojournalistic and traditional styles. Prior there was a big push among photographers for only photojournalistic styles. As Brides progressed they realized t... Read More »

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What are some benefits of wedding photography?

Wedding photography is a must in my opinion. When you are going through the big day you are going to want to remember it with photographs. After all the time you put in to planning, and all the mon... Read More »

Is there Sales Tax on Wedding Photography?

you better believe it, at least in California there is! death and taxes! from what I understand, if your services (photography) lead to a tangible product (prints, albums, CD of images), then there... Read More »

What is a name for a wedding photography business?

Flash In the Pan .Sounds good at first, but.... what if it referred to the short life of the marriage? Try for something more romantic, or which implies togetherness for ever. And if you are in a m... Read More »

What equipment does one need for wedding photography?

On One Hand: It's All in Your HeadThe most important aspects of wedding photography are in the photographer's head: knowing traditional and creative poses, having an eye for candid shots, and captu... Read More »