What is the newest sony tv on the market?

Answer The newest Sony Television on the market is the Bravia television The Bravia is a LCD television HX925 series. This series has the Y-Fi capability and can be controlled by an iphone smart phone or ... Read More »

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Sony xperia sl is no longer available in there some issue with it Should i still order it?

that model is noy good as per review . No one goes for it much shop dealer have stopped keeping in stock .. Better go for samsung or iphone . The model u asking for is technically flop but can be s... Read More »

Is it safe to buy Sony Bravia CX520 32 inches from Grey market?

Yes you can buy. I recently bought sony Bx320 from 25000Its really good. Don't miss it out.. Just go for it

What makes the i-Pod Nano stand out with the Sony MP3 Players in the market Add details of its features!?

Because you can hack them!(I've said this a million times, but I will say it again: you can put Doom, Quake, Half-Life, and more on it and play them, you can write text documents like you could on ... Read More »

You would like to record Regular TV programing from your antenna tv signal on your new sony kdl5150 is their a blue ray player recorder on the market?

They are made by the Chinese company TCL, and branded Logik to be sold by the Dixons (formerly DSG) group of outlets. The Logik LBD-1000 is known by its manufacturer TCL as the THBD-1000.