What is the most popular Crayola color?

Answer In 2000, Crayola conducted a Color Census survey to determine the most popular crayon colors. The winner was blue. A lighter blue, cerulean, came in second. Of the top 10 colors, only one was no... Read More »

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Crayola Color Activities?

Crayons have long been a staple of childhood art. Ever since Binney & Smith Company sold its first box of Crayola crayons for a nickel in 1903, that yellow box has inspired art creations for young ... Read More »

How to Dye Your Hair a Crayola Color?

Crazy hair colors are becoming more and more popular. Here are some instructions and advice on how to choose your color, your location, and how to go through the process of dying your hair one of t... Read More »

Is flamingo pink a Crayola color?

Crayola introduced "pink flamingo" to its color palette in 1998. It was one of 24 new colors added that year to the 120-color palette. As of 2011, "pink flamingo" is still available.References:Cray... Read More »

What number is Crayola black?

Modern Crayola crayons do not have a number on them. However, black is the 10th color listed under the "Current Crayola Crayon Colors" page of Crayola's website as of June 2, 2010. This list is arr... Read More »