Stood on a nail what should i do?

Answer You should go to the doctor's and get a tetanus jab asap.

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Stood next to a microwave when off, I am ok?

There is nothing to worry about. I have seen people who tan but are worried about microwaves. Tanning exposes you to way more radiation than being near a microwave.

I stood on it And the screen is cracked?

well no ****. most stuff with screens will crack when you step on them.

I stood up and passed out, anything to worry about?

Unfortunately Passing out when you stand up like that can be a cause for concern. As a Firefighter/EMT we usually associate that with very low blood pressure. Basically it means that your heart is... Read More »

I stood on a nail, could i get tetanus?

Its a slight chance.Put some acohol on it and a bandage and go ask your doctor or just clean it and see if it heals but if it did turn a different color and didnt bleed than you should be fine