I want to have a movie called Yu-Gi-Oh! the movie.... and its on sale, but mom wont buy it. whattodo?

Answer Did she say that she would not buy it for you, or that you are not allowed to have it? That is the question. Ask her if she is ok with you buying it yourself. If she says no, then tough luck honey.

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What is the movie called?

What is this movie called?

Sounds like a movie I watched recently called The Good Guy. Don't know if it's what you're looking for but the storyline sounds very similar.

What is this horror movie called?

It is called "The Devil Inside"Hope this helps!

Do you know what this movie is called?

The only movie I can think of that remotely sounds like that (a guy coaching another guy on the dating scene) is "Crazy, Stupid Love"....but, I don't recall if there was a choking scene as you desc... Read More »