What is the bed called that folds up against the wall?

Answer A bed that folds up into the wall, a closet or a cabinet may be referred to as a Murphy bed or wall bed. The style of bed gets its name from William L. Murphy, who first patented the Murphy bed in ... Read More »

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The main character who must struggle against opposing forces is called the?

Why are the Republicans against general Health Care What do they have against people who want to be healthy?

Because most of them get paid by their friends who work for the drug companies and others know the sooner we die the sooner we forget their lies and greed I bet they get free health care and then... Read More »

What is the name of the previous cartoon tv series with a girl called Cassandra who has a magic talking book with an old man's face on it She fights against this evil guy and has a magic scooter?

I wanted to know for ages too i just found out its called UBOS

How was that Discovery Channel burglary show called Not It Takes A Thief The show where two teams had to compete against each other in in order to win?