What is the nephridia in the earthworm?

Answer When a passerby finds a worm wriggling in the dirt, the first thought is usually of animals that feast on these creatures, such as fish and birds. However, many may not realize that worms eat as we... Read More »

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What is the function of the nephridia in an earthworm?

The function of the nephridia in an earthworm is to remove waste products from the blood, much as kidneys do in humans. The nephridia consist of coiled tubes. Capillaries transport ammonia, urea, ... Read More »

How Does an Earthworm Eat?

Charles Darwin said of the earthworm, "It may be doubted if there are any other animals which have played such an important part in the history of the world as these lowly organized creatures." Ind... Read More »

The Uses of an Earthworm?

Earthworms aren't the cutest creatures in nature. These slimy, wiggling, faceless critters probably give some people the willies. But they are actually harmless. More than that, they are quite usef... Read More »

Does an earthworm have a nucleus?

Earthworms are primitive creatures, but they have well-developed nervous, muscular, reproductive, circulatory and digestive systems. This means that earthworms are made up of millions of cells, and... Read More »