What is the negative aspect of introducing a hub to a network?

Answer A network hub is a passive network element which can connect multiple computer devices and broadcast network traffic from its multiple ports.Dumb DeviceA hub is a dumb layer 1 (OSI physical layer) ... Read More »

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What the song in apple - Introducing iPhone 4S?

Yes it will. iPhone 4s is a world phone, means, it will work with any carrier on any network (including CDMA & GSM). Ref: google "iPhone 4s world phone"

What is being done to help stop introducing species?

What was the author's purpose in introducing the character of Freddie Jones in the jungle?

to contrast the living conditions of the workers to wealthy business owners

What is the aspect ratio for?

The aspect ratio for screens is basically it's dimensions (length and width) For example, an aspect ratio of 4:3 means it is 4 units long by three units wide.The aspect ratio of Standard Defenition... Read More »