What is the needed crime scene cleanup equipment?

Answer The popularity of TV dramas such as "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" has pushed the previously unheralded business of crime scene cleanup into the limelight. Operating a crime scene cleanup busines... Read More »

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How can i get a job in crime scene cleanup?

Crime scene cleanup is a niche industry that involves performing specialized cleaning tasks in the aftermath of a violent crime. Anyone considering work in the industry should have a basic science ... Read More »

How to Become A "Crime Scene Cleanup" in Ohio?

Professionally cleaning crime scenes, accidents, suicides and gross filth is a growing business in Ohio. Crime scene cleaners remove all evidence of what happened and any bio-hazards left behind. E... Read More »

How to Train for Crime Scene Cleanup?

Decontamination specialists clean up after brutal crimes or after suicides take place. It is up to the owner of the home or business to clean once the police have cleared the area. An average perso... Read More »

OSHA Requirements for Crime Scene Cleanup?

When a violent crime or other trauma occurs at a business or home, the damage and mess left afterward is often too much for owners to clean themselves. Crime scene cleanup companies provide cleanup... Read More »