Nearest metro station to dlf mall saket?

Answer Malvyia Nagar Metro Station from there catch the Outer Mudrika or Bus.No 534 and reach Khidki Village you will see 2 malls joint that is DLF PLACE MALL AND SAKET SELECT CITY WALK MALL.THE BUS FARE ... Read More »

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How Many Cups of Chocolate Chips Make a Baker's Square?

A baker's square weighs about 1 oz., and it takes 6 oz. of chocolate to equal 1 cup of chocolate chips. This means that a single 1 oz. square of baker's chocolate is about 1/6 cup of chocolate chip... Read More »

What is the surface area of the sphere to the nearest square meter?

The formula for the surface area of a sphere is 4Ï€R^2. The Greek letter Pi, Ï€, is equal to 3.14, but the radius is missing. Once you find out the radius, square it and times it by Ï€ and by 4.Ref... Read More »

What is the area of Canada in square miles to the nearest million?

The total area of Canada is about 4 million square miles, when rounded up to the nearest million. The exact size of Canada is 3,855,103 square miles or 9,984,670 square kilometers. It is the second... Read More »

Mall of America?

never been thereand i live here..lolcamp snoppy doesnt exist anymore, nickelodeon bought them out, so look for spongebob