Nearest metro station to dlf mall saket?

Answer Malvyia Nagar Metro Station from there catch the Outer Mudrika or Bus.No 534 and reach Khidki Village you will see 2 malls joint that is DLF PLACE MALL AND SAKET SELECT CITY WALK MALL.THE BUS FARE ... Read More »

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What is the surface area of the sphere to the nearest square meter?

The formula for the surface area of a sphere is 4Ï€R^2. The Greek letter Pi, Ï€, is equal to 3.14, but the radius is missing. Once you find out the radius, square it and times it by Ï€ and by 4.Ref... Read More »

What is the area of Canada in square miles to the nearest million?

The total area of Canada is about 4 million square miles, when rounded up to the nearest million. The exact size of Canada is 3,855,103 square miles or 9,984,670 square kilometers. It is the second... Read More »

What criteria should mall of america use in adding new facilities to its complex?

local community hobbies and interests would be a good start

What is the store in the Mall of America called that sells bean bag chairs?

The store in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota that sells bean bag chairs and bean bag furniture is called Corda-Roy’s. Corda Roy’s has six other locations, which includes two store... Read More »