What is the ncis episode worst nightmare about?

Answer It is about a teenage girl who gets kidnapped. NCIS is investigating the case when her grandpa tries to save her too. The grandpa was a secret agent and one of his team guys would have kidnapped th... Read More »

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In what NCIS episode played a law enforcement team that acted like the ncis members.but not jurisdiction the episode i am looking for aired maybe 2 or more seasons ago?

That would be Doppelganger, one of my favorites - Season 2, Episode 12

What NCIS episode is the one where a girl is killed by a NCIS foresnic and he gets put on the case to find the killer?

I believe you mean "Frame Up" in which Tony is framed for a female petty officer's murder using evidence that the lab assistant "Chip" gathered like Tony's fingerprints from his glove and his bite ... Read More »

How to Create a "Guy from Your Worst Nightmare" Scary Halloween Costume?

This is for people who aren't easily disgusted. It is a scary costume, but can also be expensive.

In ncis what is the episode that tony and ziva are kidnapped. I caught a glimpse of an episode where tony and ziva are tied to a chair and someone keeps repeatedly hitting tony. What episode is it?