What is the natural habitat of a hedgehog?

Answer Hedgehogs, members of the "Erinaceomorpha" order, or the classification of mammals containing hedgehogs and gymnures, are found in Africa and Europe. They are most closely related to shrews. The ... Read More »

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Natural Habitat & Man-Made Habitat Differences?

Man-made and natural habitats refer to environments where several species live. How these environments are built up is different, but they both sustain life. A natural habitat is untampered with by... Read More »

What is an orca's natural habitat?

The killer whale (Orcinus orca) is actually the dolphin family's largest member and exists in all the oceans of the Earth. Growing to sizes in excess of 30 feet, the orca can live to be around 50 ... Read More »

What is a lion's natural habitat?

Lions are known as the "king of the jungle." They are large cats that hunt in groups called prides. They used to range in large numbers in a vast part of the world, but today their numbers are low ... Read More »

What is the cougar's natural habitat?

The cougar (Felis concolor) is also called catamount, puma, mountain lion and panther. No mammal (except humans) in the western hemisphere has a larger geographic distribution, according to Cougar ... Read More »