What is the natural habitat for the zebra finch?

Answer Zebra finches are native to Australia. They mainly live inland and are not usually found near the cooler coasts. Zebra finches usually average about 4 inches long and weigh between 10 and 16 grams.... Read More »

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Can a zebra finch&a parakeet be kept in a cage together?

A zebra finch and a parakeet can share a cage. However, the cage needs to be large enough to allow ample room for movement. There should be perches inside for both birds to perch upon and for the p... Read More »

Can I put a lovebird in a cage with a zebra finch?

Lovebirds exhibit very aggressive behavior to other birds and will bully or even kill a zebra finch if housed in the same cage. According to Birds 'n' Things, lovebirds tend to be aggressive toward... Read More »

When does a baby zebra finch sleep?

Baby zebra finches are popular pets, but their sleeping habits are confusing. They sleep at varying times throughout the day, and they can sleep for several straight hours, especially if their cage... Read More »

Does a male zebra finch sing more if a female is present?

Male zebra finches sing more when a female is present. In the presence of a prospective mate, they sing faster and alter the length, tempo and variability of their song, while they dance about the ... Read More »