How to Speak a Language With the Native Accent?

Answer Ever tried to learn a language and found that people cannot understand you when you speak? This is a step by step article to assist with this.

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How many people speak French as a native language?

Approximately 265 million people worldwide speak French as a native or first language, explains the Omniglot website in July 2010. Among the nations where French is spoken are France, Canada, Belgi... Read More »

Virginia Native American Language Groups?

Native American tribes throughout North America spoke hundreds of languages from several different language families. Linguists categorize language families based on similarities in pronunciation a... Read More »

Should people who adopt children, internationally, be required to learn the child's native language?

Yes and even on a basic level but in reality fluency is not possible with some languages as Mei has expressed. Although love is important so is communication especially at such a young age when th... Read More »

How to Learn a Language Using Audio Bibles for Native Pronunciation in Modern Bibles?

Do you want to learn to converse well in another language such as studying and living abroad with any of them, whether Dutch, Greek, Sranan-tongo, or Spanish. Here is how to study a language mostly... Read More »