What's the nastiest restaurant you have ever eaten at?

Answer This Mexican food place in Hinesville, GA that everyone just RAVED about. Well, everyone who didn't have a CLUE as to what great Tex-Mex really is. I took a bite of my enchilada, and it tasted li... Read More »

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What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and would you ever eat it again?

I can't top poster #1 for weirdest food. Balut is on my very short list of foods that I just can't bring myself to try (btw, it's a fertilized duck egg - when you crack it open, instead of yolk, t... Read More »

What was the nastiest thing you ever ate?

I ate fried cockroaches mixed with some cow dung. Then I got skunk urine and mixed it with some raw dead rats in the belnder and ate my drink.

What is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

Stuffed Habanero rolls.It was a death wish.

What is the grossest thing you have ever eaten?