What is the name of this type of mehndi?

Answer i guess its done with aalta

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What is the name of this type of winter coat (Pictures included)?

Hello. I believe that the second pic is called a Kimono, but I am certain that the first one is known as a parka, common in cold weather areas, especially Russia.

What is this foldable wonder bed called as Pls tell me either name or brands that sell these type of cots?

Fold down beds are called "Murphy Beds", I've found a couple of links of desk murphy beds for you…but to buy them ... Read More »

What type of dress would look good in this type of body?

jeeeeez girl. you can pull off anything if you gain an extra 10-20 pounds. at 5 foot tall your susposed to only weigh 120! you under weight! so with you, i would think you need something with strap... Read More »

You are unlikely to yell out penguin when asked on a game show to name a type of bird This is because?