What is the name of this teeth?

Answer The canine teeth are the strong, pointed teeth found in the corners of the mouth......

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I often clench my teeth really hard out of frustration and anger; is this bad for my teeth?

It doesn't help. Try biting on something soft like a towel.

Does this work for my teeth or is one of the ingredients bad for teeth?

The baking soda will make it whiter but RUIN your teeth....Try: Get some lemon juice and salt in a bowl ( More lemon than salt ) And mix it upSwirl in your mouth and spit it out! DO NOT SWALLOW!

Your five year old still has all of his baby teeth He has started complaining of his cheeks being in pain to the touch Could this be related to a sudden loss of teeth?

Answer More than likely, it is teething pain associated with erupting 6 year molars. Those teeth will appear behind his last baby molars, and he does not have to lose any baby teeth before they co... Read More »

What is this on my teeth?

Helloooo :) I sort of have the same problem. The clear stuff at the bottom is acid erosion. I have that problem but usually you can only see it up close. I am sorry to tell you that that does not g... Read More »