What is the name of this Indian dessert that I am describing?

Answer Jalebi (ja lay bee), they are delicious!

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What's this indian movie's name?

There are more than 25 languages India. I believe it is a Hindi movie. Please check these two.Bachna ae haseeno (2008) Maange More(2004) Read More »

I know that you love these-So here is Baby Name Game #3, what are you going to name THIS big family?

ahah i love these! Please make more!Okay..1. Logan & Spencer2. Leah Arabelle.3. Wow. Sounds just like a kid my best friend would have. (acting and looks!) Um.. I don't get to name him, so I am thin... Read More »

What is the name of a Spanish dessert wine?

One Spanish dessert wine is Don Salvador Trasañejo Moscatel. This wine is made by the Lopez Hermanos winery in Malaga, Spain. The wine is made from 100 percent Moscatel grapes from Alejandria.Sour... Read More »

What is the old cartoon that featured a Native American Indian Involved was a crying sequence and the voice of the Indian was the same as the voice of Homer Simpson's angel from Whacking Day?

Winkey-Dink and you, or winkey dink, for short. I can imagine this could damage the then expensive TV screens if practiced enough.