What is the name of the women who bore the most children?

Answer my mom

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Name something a 1950s housewife did that most married women today don't?

Cook All The Cleaning Stay Home (I said stay-at-home mom and it wasn't there) Iron Wear Dresses

How to Bore a Sighting With a Laser Bore Sighter?

Using a laser bore sighter is a quick, safe and inexpensive method of sighting in your rifle. Laser bore sighters come in two varieties: a bullet shaped laser which is placed into the rifle's chamb... Read More »

Are brazilian women really the most women to use butt implants allot?

No their butts are natural. They tend to have genetically bigger things and butts. It's just genetics. I think white women are the ones who go through the most plastic surgery to get implants. I re... Read More »

When women give birth why do most women?

BD M, You should realize that it hurts tremendously for the woman too. Can you imagine squeezing a watermelon through a pencil-sized hole? It's gonna hurt.Have you ever said something out of desp... Read More »