What is the name of the vacuum cleaner invented in 1860?

Answer Any replacement bulb, LED or not, can be used, so long as the voltage specs are respected and that the bulb's contacts are of the same type.

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How much did a vacuum cleaner cost in 1860?

The vacuum cleaners were less than $22.00 in the 1860. Now they are like $200.00. $22.00 back then was so much more than it was before!

What the name of the inventor that invented the vacuum cleaner?

Daniel Hess invented the first vacuum cleaner and called it a carpet sweeper.

What year was the vacuum cleaner invented?

the vacume cleaner was invented in the year 1950Not so. Vacuum cleaners were around at the end of the nineteenth century. The equipment took up most of a large wagon; this was parked outside people... Read More »

A vacuum cleaner uses 800 W of power The voltage source is 100 V What is the current flowing through the vacuum cleaner?