What channel is myth busters on dish network?

Answer Myth Busters is on the Discovery Channel, channel 182.

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What was the name of ventriloquist Edger Bergen's female dummy?

Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (1903-1978) named his first and most famous dummy Charlie McCarthy. Charlie was later joined by a second dummy named Mortimer Snerd, then a female dummy named Effie Klink... Read More »

What is the name of a dating game show that used to come on MTV using a lie detecer test?

Can a resistor be used as a dummy load on solid-state audio amplifiers?

Yes, a resistor can be used as a dummy load on solid-state audio amplifiers, but only for a very short time. When it is used, it should be connected to a heat sink and limited only to a certain cur... Read More »

Can ph test strips be used to test for candida?

A pH test strip only tests a liquid or moisture for how acidic or alkaline it is. In a vaginal candida infection, the pH tends to be over 4.5, according to naturopathic physician Dr. Marianne March... Read More »