What is the name of the steroid injection for lung development in babies?

Answer Betamethasone and dexamethasone are the steroid medications used to help hasten fetal lung development, according to Dr. Robin H. Steinhorn. Mothers who are expected to give birth prematurely recei... Read More »

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If you've had an epidural, what are the downsides (bad side-effects) of an epidural steroid spinal injection?

The side effects is that you are being injected with a steroid so it's a bone thinner in the long run depending on how many you get. The day after, I may be flushed beat red and have a very tender ... Read More »

Do babies conceived from incest have a higher chance of lung and breathing problems?

They can if the parent involved in the incest is carrying genes for lung and breathing problems. Then if the child gets those genes twice (once from the parent and once from the child involved in t... Read More »

What is it called when a baby has air and fluid around the lung instead of in the lung?

Can the Depo injection harm your baby if you got pregnant before you had the injection?

Answer No. There is no evidence to suggest that the Depo has any effect on a baby.