What is the name of the song Cuban Shuffle?

Answer Answer It is the Cupid Shuffle by Cupid.

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What is the song in the iPod shuffle commercial?

The song in the iPod Shuffle commercial is 'Who is Gonna Sing' by the group Prototypes.Two songs on iPod adverts are'no you girls never know' by Franz Ferdinand and 'around the bend' by asteroid ga... Read More »

Shuffle your songs. What is the First song that plays?

wrathchild - iron maidennow playing:wrathchild - iron maiden

How much does it cost per song downloaded into ipod shuffle?

There are many different songs that all cost different prices. Some songs cost $1.29 and some are less. A lot of songs are sometimes even free!

How do you shuffle song by play list on an ipod?

Answer You go to the main menu and you click on Music.. then you click on shuffle and it will start shuffling