What is the name of the smallest nightclub?

Answer there are tiny nighclubs in Tokyo japan that can only seat 4 or 5 people and maybe 2 couples can dance.

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What is the name of the worlds smallest nightclub?

What is the world's smallest nightclub?

Get the rope from the market, and make sure that it's in the shape of a lasso (click on it in your backpack to change its shape)

What is The smallest nightclub in the world?

The official Guinness book of records listed smallest nightclub in the world, as also listed on the web in the top 20 best clubs in the world, is of course: The Miniscule Of Sound. As seen in coun... Read More »

What is the name of the smallest star?

The smallest star is the white dwarf, L362-81, at only 3500 miles in diameter--roughly the same size as Mercury. The RG 0058.8-2807, the faintest known star, has the smallest mass at only 0.014 sol... Read More »