What is the name of the shot that doctors used to numb the pain for women who are giving birth?

Answer epidural

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Do women experience pain in wrist after giving birth?

It may be possible, but it is not probable. Sometimes fluctuations in hormones can cause the tendons muscles and bones in the wrist to become inflamed and sore. When my mother went through menopaus... Read More »

Doctors or medical experts, I had a twisting pain and now it's slightly numb. Help?

It's a little strange.It could be a mild kidney infection.The other strong possibility is a chiropractic problem in your spine causing pain.It can even be both.If you get anti biotics and it doesn'... Read More »

What causes women to die while giving birth?

Although rare in this day and age, it is caused by rupture and therfore bleeding to death. There is also hypertension and heart attack/stroke. However, in today's medicine, these incidences are f... Read More »

Why would women die giving birth?

the cervix does not close properly after birth and the woman keeps bleeding, blood pressure can also rise to a dangerous point, another way is through c section if she can't survive that. heart att... Read More »