What is the name of the ship that took immigrants to Ellis Island?

Answer Ellis Island was used as a point of origin for immigrants coming to the United States for 32 years; it is estimated that nearly half of all current Americans had an ancestor that came through the p... Read More »

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What was the Name of the NASA program that took astronauts to the moon?

The program's name was Apollo, and accomplished the first manned landing on the Moon with Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969.

What was the name of the cartoon that used to air on Teletoon that took place in Africa and the main female character turned into a gazelle every night as a result of a spell?

The show is call "Kassai and Leuk." It was produced by a French company called Marathon Media Group.

What is the name of the wheel that steers a ship?

The large wheel used to steer a ship, is simply called "the ship's wheel" or the helm. The term helm can also refer to the whole steering mechanism of the ship.Source:Dictionary: HelmPhrontistery: ... Read More »

What was the name of the first machine that took seeds from cotton?

The first machine that took seeds from cotton was known as the cotton gin. Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin on March 17, 1794. The machine is credited as giving "birth to the American mass-produ... Read More »