What river is the western tributary of the Pearl River in southern China?

Answer Located in southern China, the Xijiang River is the western tributary of the Pearl River. The other tributaries of the Pearl are the Dongjiang River and Beijiang River to the east and north, respe... Read More »

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Who knows whats moving into the old Borders in River Park in Fresno, CA?

Contact the Clerks office in Fresno. They can tell you who owns the property.

Is japan older than china&korea?

China was united in its present form under the Qing dynasty in 1644. Japan was united under the Tokugawa shogunate in 1603, and the Koreas did not exist as they do today until 1945. This means that... Read More »

Are China's borders open or closed?

Open and closed borders are not concrete ideas. A 2008 presentation at the University of Pennsylvania suggested borders can be open and closed. China’s borders are open in that people can enter a... Read More »

Does samsung use cheap labour in korea as apple does in china?

A: Apple uses several offshore venders in several countries. B: Samsung is one of Koreas larger corporations and manufactor quality devices. C: In Apples case, they have had several quality control... Read More »