What is the purple character name in barney?

Answer Im not sure but i kinda think its barney......... but then again.

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What is the name of a television show from the early 90's where the main character had a band and when the main character hit a specific chord on his guitar he would be sucked into his computer?

The name of the show was Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. When someone would strike a specific chord and say a certain line, they would get sucked into a portal found in the computer in a basement. ... Read More »

What is the character Carlton's real name from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

What character from the tv show friends shares its name with one of Saturn's moons?

the only one i can see has a similarity to one of the names is febe

This cartoon character's personality and mannerisms were based on a character from a popular TV show that starred Art Carney What was the cartoon character's name and what was the TV characters name?